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  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
  • Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis
Part Number: SC 130 300Tdi
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Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis




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Defender 130 300Tdi Galvanised Chassis

We have 28 years of fabrication experience, all our chassis are built by hand, to exact specifications, by experienced fabricators.

The main chassis legs are made from 2.5mm mild steel as standard, which are 25% heavier than the standard 2mm rails. Overall this gives a small increase in the vehicle weight but has a massive effect on the long term durability of the chassis. 3mm rails are available on request.

  • The rear cross member is made from 4mm mild steel as standard and age specific.
  • The outriggers and spring seats are all made from 3mm mild steel.
  • All of our chassis¬†come complete with¬†a galvanised bolt in cross member.
  • We offer powder coating after galvanising¬†for an¬†additional charge.
  • We offer RAPTOR¬ģ coating¬†for¬†an¬†additional charge.
  • We¬†can deliver to anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Europe.¬†
  • All of our chassis are manufactured in the UK, in-house with locally sourced materials.
  • All chassis are UK manufactured¬†and offer the best quality available.
  • Grade of galvanising is BS-EN-ISO 14612009.
  • Available in both RHD (right hand drive) and LHD (left hand drive).
  • 5 year non-transferable manufacturers warranty covering the integrity of the¬†chassis¬†for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. We warrant that under normal use, outside of any accident or misuse or overloading the¬†chassis¬†will not fatigue or fail to be able to perform its normal duties safely.

Most chassis are in stock, available for immediate dispatch.

Please note the image is for illustration purposes only.

How are our chassis made?

We use flat decoiled sheet cut to length.
    Firstly we CNC laser, plasma and waterjet cut all the components in house to a flat profile.
      We then fold out all the required parts (98 in total) and press out all the outriggers in a specially formed die and then move to sub-assemblies.

        The chassis

        In sub assemblies the rear crossmember, the A Frame crossmember along with the bulkhead outriggers are fabricated in jigs ready to move onto the main chassis jig.
          The chassis legs are fabricated and fully welded on all four sides and then moved to the main jig.
            When in the main jig all fabricated components are brought together to be squared and tacked up.
              At this stage we add engine mounts and rear cross member and any required extras to suit the order.
                We weld up the chassis in a rotater which turns the chassis 360 degrees and keeps all welding on the flat and speeds up the process.
                  After welding and cleaning the chassis goes to get galvanised. 

                    The galvanising process

                    Hot dip galvanizing is the process of coating iron or steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 842 ¬įF (450 ¬įC). During the process, a metallurgically bonded coating is formed which protects the steel from harsh environments, whether they be external or internal. Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed without the cost of stainless steel and can be identified by the crystallised pattern on the surface (often called a ‚Äėspangle‚Äô). Galvanizing is probably the most environmentally friendly process available to prevent corrosion.

                    The galvanizing reaction will only occur on a chemically clean surface. In common with most coating processes, the secret to achieving a good quality coating lies in the preparation of the surface. It is essential that this is free of grease, dirt and scale before galvanizing. These types of contamination are removed by a variety of processes and common practice is to degrease first using an alkaline or acidic solution into which the component is dipped. The article is then rinsed in cold water to avoid contaminating the rest of the process.

                    The chassis is then dipped in hydrochloric acid at ambient temperature to remove rust and mill scale. Welding slag, paint and heavy grease will not be removed by these cleaning steps and should be removed by the fabricator before the work is sent to the galvanizer. After further rinsing, the components will then commonly undergo a fluxing procedure. This is normally applied by dipping in a flux solution ‚Äď usually about 30% zinc ammonium chloride at around 65-80¬įC. Alternatively, some galvanizing plants may operate using a flux blanket on top of the galvanizing bath. The fluxing operation removes the last traces of oxide from the surface and allows the molten zinc to wet the steel.

                    When the clean iron or steel component is dipped into the molten zinc (which is commonly at around 450¬įC) a series of zinc-iron alloy layers are formed by a metallurgical reaction between the iron and zinc. The rate of reaction between the steel and the zinc is normally parabolic with time and so the initial rate of reaction is very rapid and considerable agitation can be seen in the zinc bath. The main thickness of coating is formed during this period. Subsequently, the reaction slows down and the coating thickness is not increased significantly even if the article is in the bath for a longer period of time.

                    A typical time of immersion is about four or five minutes but it can be longer for heavy articles that have high thermal inertia or where the zinc is required to penetrate internal spaces. Upon withdrawal from the galvanising bath, a layer of molten zinc will be taken out on top of the alloy layer. Often this cools to exhibit the bright shiny appearance associated with galvanised products.

                      RAPTOR¬ģ protective coating

                      RAPTOR Tough Protective Coating is a durable urethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier that can withstand the toughest situations.

                      Developed to tolerate most climatic conditions, RAPTOR is U.V. resistant and won't fade or "chalk" even after years in the sun. RAPTOR is also waterproof and protects surfaces from rust making it perfect for surfaces that will be submerged in water, including salt water.

                      RAPTOR's versatility makes it perfect for almost any application. Spray or roll RAPTOR on high traffic areas; it's scratch and stain resistant and easy to clean, simply hose if off. Its flexible formulation can handle impacts without cracking, making it perfect for its most popular application as a truck bed liner.

                      RAPTOR is unlike other bed liners or protective coatings. It's less expensive and faster than powder coating. And in case it does scratch (which is tough to do!), RAPTOR can easily be repaired. You can't do that with most of the other bed liners and protective coatings!

                      RAPTOR protects the roughest industrial surfaces as well as the smaller surfaces we rely on every day. It's durable, looks great and it lasts a long time.

                      How to order your galvanised chassis

                      If you have particular requirements, talk to our experts about how we can customise your chassis and add bespoke elements such as engine mounts or towing brackets.

                      We also offer a complimentary galvanised bolt in cross member when you buy any chassis.

                      Our yard is based in the UK and we can deliver to most locations right to your door.

                      If you love your Land Rover and want to give it the best, get in touch with us today. We can keep you on the road for longer.

                      Or call and speak to one of our experts about how we can personalise your chassis.

                      Call us today to talk with one of our chassis specialists on 01297 529 256.

                      What our customers say...

                      "It was a great fit and was very pleased." - Michael Gallagher, Gee Whizz 4x4

                      ‚ÄúWe‚Äôve had 8 chassis to date from TerrainTech Parts and have been happy with the fit and and good service we receive from the guys.‚ÄĚ - Gordon Shutler

                      "Let the build begin, Chassis arrived looks absolutely cracking. Slowly my dream is getting closer each day. A very kind thank you to Paul from TerrainTech Parts, he has been very helpful and gone above and beyond just selling me the chassis." - Shayne 

                      "Top quality, don't even want to take it out to get it dirty." - Thomas Skillen

                      "Just taken delivery of a 90 200tdi chassis. Great service, great workmanship!" - Adrian Hamilton

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                      We try our best to dispatch all orders within 24 hours when possible. In some cases items marked as "Genuine LR" can take up to an additional 48 hours.

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                      Getting your order delivered to you in EU Europe is now as cheap and efficient as it has ever been. With the excellent service and delivery times provided by DPD the below delivery costs are some of the most competitive - and we always work to ensure you are receiving the best value for money. Some large orders are required to be sent in separate parcels, these will be charged additionally per parcel.

                      Regular size and weight parcels are sent on a "cost per parcel" rate. These parcels are to be less than 30kg and are also subject to size restrictions. The rates per parcel are shown below. Unfortunately the on line shop is unable to calculate the number of parcels your order will be sent as. As a result you will be given the option of a) allowing us to despatch without further contact or b) Paddock to contact you by phone or e-mail with delivery costs for your approval before despatch.

                      AUSTRIA 3 £14.95 YES
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                      PORTUGAL 4 - 5
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                      RUSSIAN FEDERATION 3 - 8 £79.95
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